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What we do:

C&G Concrete is a family owned business and have been concrete contractors for over 2 decades. In addition to our concrete work we offer a full foundation waterproofing service.

If you have a leaky basement there is no need to worry. There is always a solution to stop water from entering your home – often more than one. The most common waterproofing methods are External Waterproofing and installation of an Internal Waterproofing System.

  1. Exterior Waterproofing – This method of waterproofing consists of excavating the exterior perimeter of your foundation. Next a thorough cleaning and inspection of your foundation walls is performed. Following the inspection, several layers of waterproofing membranes are applied; the types of membranes needed vary depending on the type of foundation. The existing sub-drain is then inspected and replaced if necessary. The final step is to backfill and complete landscape restoration.
  2. Internal Waterproofing – This method is used when exterior waterproofing is not practical, or on block or stone foundations. To install the Internal Waterproofing System, the perimeter of the basement floor is removed, approximately 35-40 CM (15 inches) wide. A sub-drain is then installed along the footing and surrounded with clear stone. This sub-drain is the same as the drain on the outside of the footing, but is now installed on the inside. Finally a dimpled membrane is fastened to the wall to direct water into the sub-drain and the concrete floor is replaced.

Waterproofing services we provide are:

  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Internal waterproofing
  • Window well installation & repair
  • Sump pump installation

Our Customers:

We cater to the needs of both our residential and commercial customers. We will work flexible hours and often weekends to accommodate our customers.

The majority of our waterproofing customers are homeowners, which is why we go above and beyond to accommodate and provide a clean and safe work environment. Waterproofing is a dirty job, and we do as much as possible to keep the property clean and tidy during construction.

If you have more specific service-related questions, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.
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